10 Packs Makeup Sponge Blender Egg Shaped Foundation Blending Sponge Multi Colored Beauty Sponge Set Flawless for Liquid Cream and Powder


Price: $6.99
(as of Jul 27,2021 06:08:45 UTC – Details)

Product Description



WET USE For the application of milky or creamy products, such as BB cream, lotion, concealer, in which case first immersed into water, or it will absorb a lot of cosmetics, resulting in waste. Step 1. Fully submerge the sponge in the water. Squeeze and saturate it while holding it under water. It will get soft and squishy as it fills up with the liquid. Step 2. Squeeze and towel-dry the sponge to remove the excess water. Step 3. Now you can use with your liquid foundation.


Dip powder products, such as foundation, loose powder etc., in which case directly stain and then flutter on your face.


Package included

10 x Blender sponges

How to clean?

Wet the sponge with warm water, apply a few drops of a mild cleanser, and lather gently using the fingers to release the makeup, oil, and bacteria. Rinse the sponge under running water until the water runs clear. Squeeze out any excess moisture and air dry it.

Made from non-latex material, soft feeling, well bouncy beauty sponge, simple to use and easy to clean.
The rounded end is great for cheeks, forehead, and chin, while the pointed end works nicely in the nose, eyes, mouth and any other hard-to-reach spots.
Beauty makeup blender sponge gives you a perfect makeup application. Does not soak up excessive amounts which avoid the waste.
Wet and dry use, blending sponge turns bigger when wet, dab it evenly to form a gorgeous makeup


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